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Travel Tryouts for 2017-2018 Teams

Tryouts for 2017-2018 PVSC Travel Teams have been completed.  Thanks to all of those who came out for Tryouts, coaches will be in touch shortly.

Note that we have canceled our upcoming girls Tryouts due to low registration numbers.

Tryout registration is now open online, please register using by logging into your PVSC account or creating one if you do not have one.

Kids are still encouraged to play Spring Intramural soccer since training for travel soccer doesn't begin until late June or July.

If you have any questions please contact our Director of Travel Soccer, Leon Kanopka.

PVSC 2017-2018 Tryout Dates
 All Tryouts at Palmer Park in Skippack, PA  
 Boys U9-U12 Girls U9, U10 and U11 
April 9th, Sunday  4:30-5:30 PM 
5:45-6:45 PM
April 24th, Monday  6:15-7:15 PM 
April 30th, Sunday  5:45-6:45 PM Canceled 

Online registration through our website is required for tryouts and can be done through your PVSC account (or creating one if you do not have one).  There is no cost to tryout. We do encourage all players to try to attend at least two of three sessions. Please read through our Travel Information page for detailed information on our Travel Program.

Age Groups

Please note that US Soccer recently changed the age guidelines for the grouping of players to a calendar year format.  Starting with the 2016-2017 season we will be adopting the new calendar year age format.  The chart below can be used to determine the appropriate age for you child. Please note that children born after December 31st, 2009 and interested in travel soccer are encouraged to tryout for the U9 team and "play-up". 

Tryout Age Group Chart for 2017-2018 Travel Year
U9 Born between 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2009
U10 Born between 1/1/2008 to 12/31/2008
U11 Born between 1/1/2007 to 12/31/2007
U12 Born between 1/1/2006 to 12/31/2006
U13 Born between 1/1/2005 to 12/31/2005
U14 Born between 1/1/2004 to 12/31/2004
U15 Born between 1/1/2003 to 12/31/2003
U16Born between1/1/2002 to 12/31/2002


All players attending tryouts are required to register for tryouts.  Registration and tryout participation is free.

Participants are strongly encouraged to register online for tryouts prior to the tryouts.  Online registration is available by first registering for the website (if you haven't done so already) and then choosing the Travel Soccer Tryouts 2017-2018 program for your child under the "My Account" link.  Paper registrations will be available at each Tryout to those who cannot register online at the Tryouts.

Required Items for Tryouts

All participants must bring the following to each tryout:

  1. Registration form (completed online or hard copy)
  2. Shin guards (covered by soccer socks)
  3. Cleats or other acceptable footwear
  4. Soccer ball
  5. Water or drinks


A few general tips and advice for participants:

  1. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early for each tryout to register and warm-up.
  2. Every player must attend at least one tryout session, but are encouraged to attend all if possible.
  3. Give it your best effort at each tryout and have fun!

After Tryouts

  1. Following the final tryout, coaches and staff meet to create rosters based on their evaluations.
  2. Once rosters are finalized head coaches from each age group will contact each player who tried out.
  3. Players will be contacted within one week after the last tryout

How are Players Evaluated?

Tryouts are structured to allow coaches and staff to evaluate participants in relaxed setting. Participants are encouraged to showcase all of their talents, including not only their technical abilities, but also their athletic ability and how they play the game.

Coaches will evaluate players at tryouts based on four primary criteria: 
o Physical Ability - speed, stamina, strength, agility, coordination, etc. 
o Technical Ability - How a player performs the various skills of the game (dribbling, shooting, passing,
receiving, etc.) 
o Tactical Ability - Decision Making. Being able to think on a field and make quick, intelligent decisions on
offense, defense and transition. 
o Psychological Ability - How much the player enjoys playing, enjoys competition, is able to handle the
stress that comes with competing, etc. 

In order for coaches to properly evaluate players, PVSC STRONGLY ASKS all parents to refrain from coaching their child during the tryout process. The coaches need to be able to see players in action, working on their own, thinking on their own and solving the problems of the game. If a player instead is simply following instructions from Daddy or Mommy, then the coaches will assume the player has no ability to think on the field. It is therefore in each child's interest for parents to simply stay out of the way and remain quiet on the sidelines while they are playing. 

PVSC will field up to two teams in each age group Under 9 through Under 15 in the Travel season. The exact number of teams in each group will depend on how many players are at tryouts and how many qualified coaches are available to coach. 

In addition to each team's coaches evaluating players,  PVSC's uses "independent evaluators" to help the head coaches. These evaluators are highly qualified soccer people (often times other travel team coaches) who are not affiliated with that particular age group. Their purpose is to help lend an additional set of eyes as well as a perspective other than the coaches of the age group. In the end however, final player selection for each team is made by the head coaches. The head coaches may use whatever criteria and information they choose in making player selections for their team.  After teams are announced, parents are welcome to talk with the head coaches about their player selections. Information on player evaluation forms used by the coaches and evaluators are strictly confidential and will NOT be shared with the parents. Players selected for a team have the option of not accepting an invitation to play 

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