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Volunteer Information for Spring 2023

Everything is a little different this season, please read all the way through…

Spring 2023-   Currently, the intramural season is set to start April 16th, SLCS April 15th.

Coaches Clinics

We will be holding Coaches clinics on  Saturday, April 1st  at The Far Post (190 Airport Rd in Limerick, PA) from 12:00pm to 2:30pm.    We hope to see all first time coaches at the clinics, and hopefully some of our experienced coaches to help us run the clinics!   You should dress in athletic clothing, cleats or sneaks, and bring water and a  soccer ball.   We try to keep these fairly short, about an hour and they are actually fun, you’ll be playing the role of the kids! Because we are very short of peewee coaches this season, so we encourage interested parents to come to the clinic to see what it is all about-

Equipment and Uniforms

  • We are going to distribute Coaches Bags, Practice Equipment, on Saturday at the Clinics

  • The bags and practice equipment remain the property of the club, and should be returned every season

  • We ask each Coach to please provide a deposit of $50 by check for their equipment- The check will not be cashed, and will be shredded when you return the equipment at the end of the season

  • Each team will get a team bag with safety equipment, paperwork, guides, We will also loan each youth team 2 pug goals for practice.

  • Please try to get one person from each team there, it is a lot easier for us to do this all at once, but we will make special accommodations if needed

  • A reminder- there were a lot of late registrations this season, and they will not necessarily have uniforms in your team bags.  Please, distribute uniforms to the kids who are not highlighted on your uniform list

  • Late registrants will need to get to Opening Day early, and hit the uniform tent-  We will get them a kit there

Communications/ Game Changer App

  • We expect to release rosters late this week, which should activate the App

  • Once you get the email notification of your roster being posted, please follow the directions to install/restart the App, load your team, and reach out to them to make sure it is working

  • In order for the App to work for the players, the Head Coach, has to load the team first, then it shows up for the players

  • If you have a late registration or transfer, they will not show up on the App, you will need to add them manually so they get schedule and chats-   

  • Most issues with the App are resolved by logging out and logging back in, making sure that you log in with the same email that is your default for the PVSC website.

  • If you cannot get the App to work, you can always log into your team page on a  computer through our webpage, and it has a built in email function, as well

  • Here is the direct help site for the App-  HELP!!!!!!  They can help you better than I can !!!      


  • There is a great collection of practice plans and resources on our website Coaches Page     Link to Coaches Page

  • Each Coach for 5-6 year olds and older should reach out to their team and arrange a practice, one evening per week

  • PeeWees do not have a  midweek practice

  • Please send us an email with day and time for practice- subject line “(Team Name) Practice”

  • You don't need to reserve a space, we do this informally  There is plenty of room for everyone.   Just drop me an email, subject line with team name and practice day/location

  • Limerick, field 8  , is available for practice weeknights, there should be some room on 7 as well- 

  • Palmer, fields 3&4 are available for Intramural practice   SCSL should use field 2 & 5 for practice.   The SCSL game fields 2 and 5, should not be used for practice

  • Waterworks Park is available, and is often less crowded than Palmer Similar to Palmer, the big field and goals are for SCSL 

  • This season we will also have Skippack Elementary available

  • And the Soccer field at PVMSW  by the tennis courts is also available


Risk Management

By now, you should have heard from Jason Armstrong, our RM Director, He will provide you with instructions and guidance on how to navigate your clearances and training

Thanks Again!!!

See you on the Fields-  PVSC Staff

Contact Us

Perkiomen Valley Soccer Club

PVSC, PO Box 232
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania 19473

Email: [email protected]

Perkiomen Valley Soccer Club

PVSC, PO Box 232
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania 19473

Email: [email protected]
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