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How are Travel Team tryouts conducted?
ANSWER: Tryout information is posted on our web page February. Tryouts are held in April. Each age group will have two to three tryouts. Players will be expected to make every effort to be at all tryouts. While tryouts are held in the spring, the actual travel team season for the new teams generally starts in June or July depending on the schedule of each particular team. 

Teams will be picked by the coaches after tryouts. In general, coaches will notify the players of their status within a week of the last tryouts. 
Coaches will evaluate players at tryouts based on four primary criteria: 
o Physical Ability - speed, stamina, strength, agility, coordination, etc. 
o Technical Ability - How a player performs the various skills of the game (dribbling, shooting, passing,
receiving, etc.) 
o Tactical Ability - Decision Making. Being able to think on a field and make quick, intelligent decisions on
offense, defense and transition. 
o Psychological Ability - How much the player enjoys playing, enjoys competition, is able to handle the
stress that comes with competing, etc. 

In order for coaches to properly evaluate players, PVSC STRONGLY ASKS all parents to refrain from coaching their child during the tryout process. The coaches need to be able to see players in action, working on their own, thinking on their own and solving the problems of the game. If a player instead is simply following instructions from Daddy or Mommy, then the coaches will assume the player has no ability to think on the field. It is therefore in each child's interest for parents to simply stay out of the way and remain quiet on the sidelines while they are playing. 

PVSC will field up to two teams in each age group Under 9 through Under 15 in the fall season. The exact number of teams in each group will depend on how many players are at tryouts and how many qualified coaches are available to coach. 

For most age groups, PVSC will use "independent evaluators" to help the head coaches. These evaluators are highly qualified soccer people (often times other travel team coaches) who are not affiliated with that particular age group. Their purpose is to help lend an additional set of eyes as well as a perspective other than the coaches of the age group. In the end however, final player selection for each team is made by the head coaches.  After teams are announced, parents are welcome to talk with the head coaches about their player selections. Information on player evaluation forms used by the coaches and evaluators are strictly confidential and will NOT be shared with the parents. Players selected for a team have the option of not accepting an invitation to play.

Who coaches the teams in the PVSC Travel Team Program?
ANSWER: PVSC uses volunteers coaching in the program who have a strong background in soccer as a player and / or as a coach.  If you are interested in coaching a team please contact us at:  PVSC will provide coaching education reimbursement for those looking to become a coach.

What are the costs involved in the Travel Team Program?
ANSWER: The costs can vary from team to team. In general, travel teams cost anywhere from $45 per month to $70 per month per child. The exact amount depends on the team that a player is on. Each team has a different budget that come with different commitments and expectations during the year. Younger team's costs are typically lower than older team's costs. 

o Referee Fees for leagues
o League and state association registration fees (Covered by Club Registration)
o Tournaments (tournament entry fees range from $350 - $700) 
o Indoor Leagues during the winter months (league fees are between $800 and $1000 per league) 
o Team Uniform and accessories (a full uniform kit runs about $150-175 per player)
o Indoor field Rentals during the winter months 
o Team Parties, post game snacks, etc. 

Does PVSC have any geographical boundaries which limit participation?
ANSWER: No, PVSC does not have any geographical boundaries. Children may participate on a team, regardless of address, provided that they are able to live up to the commitments and expectations of the team they are on. 

Does a child have to have previously played in PVSC before in order to try out for the Travel Team Program?
ANSWER: No, players may try out for a PVSC travel team, regardless of where they previously played. Players from other soccer organizations are welcome to tryout, but should only do so if they will be able to live up to the commitments and expectations of the program. 

How much travel is actually involved in the Travel Team Program?
ANSWER: That really depends on which team your child is on. In the fall season, almost all of our teams (U9 to U13) play in the Central League, Most clubs in these leagues are within a 45 minute drive of Collegeville.

In a typical fall season, a team will play 10-12 games. Half of these league games will be home games and half will be away games. Away games will be at the opposing team's field. Many players choose to car pool together to away games, though some players choose to go with their parents. This is different for each team.  Some teams travel on occasion to out of area tournaments, but with most teams try to stay within an hour or so with events with like this.

What is the commitment level for the program? How much soccer is involved throughout the year?
ANSWER: Most travel teams start their season in mid-July and play in one or two tournaments in late August.  Our U9 to U13 boys and girls teams play in the Central League.  Older boys teams will play in the Delco Soccer League and older girls teams will play in the PAGS (Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer) League. All leagues start their schedule right after Labor Day Weekend and run through mid-November. 

FALL SEASON - In the fall, teams will have one game a week, occasionally two. For boys teams, games are primarily on Saturdays with an occasional Sunday game. For girls teams U-9 through U-13, most games are on Sundays with an occasional Saturday game.

All travel teams will have one or two practices a week throughout the fall season with the schedule determined by the head coach. 

WINTER SEASON - In the winter, most teams will play a limited amount of indoor soccer, playing in a winter indoor league or playing in several one day tournaments. Many teams, train occasionally indoors throughout the winter, usually once a week. 

SPRING SEASON - Many of our teams participate in one of the State Cup Tournaments (State Cup, Presidents Cup, or Challenge Cup). Travel teams may also play in a spring league, consisting of 6 - 8 games on weekends throughout the spring. 

The main season for the Travel Team Program is the Fall. However, unlike the intramural program, most teams play a limited amount of soccer in the winter and spring. Players may play other sports during the year, but their primary sport in the Fall should be soccer. Players must make a full commitment to their travel team throughout the year.

What is the difference between the Intramural Program and the Travel Team Program?
ANSWER: There are many differences. The Travel Team Program is geared for our stronger players who aspire to play at higher levels in the future. The number of games and practices that travel teams have is much higher. Most travel teams play indoor soccer in the winter and participate in spring tournaments. 

Players who aspire to play at the high school level or college level and who are willing to work harder to improve as players, should play in the Travel Team Program. Players who simply wish to have a fun time playing soccer and be with their friends should stay in the Intramural Program. 

Can a player move up to a higher level teams within his/her age group at tryouts?
ANSWER: Definitely!!! We have tryouts each year. At that time, some players move up to a higher level team while some players move down to a lower level team. Tryouts are open to anyone of the proper age each year. PVSC recognizes that children progress at different rates and mature at different rates. We therefore have tryouts each year in order to give children a chance to move up to a higher level team the following year. 

How strict are the age group classifications? Can my child play with an older or younger age group?
ANSWER: Our Travel Team Program teams are bound by the same age group classifications as all the other teams in the United States. The United States Youth Soccer Association requires us to submit birth certificates to show each player's date of birth. A player who is one day too old for a team is ineligible to tryout, no exceptions. These rules are strictly enforced by the USYSA and the use of an ineligible player will result in heavy fines to the club as well as severe sanctions. 

Are PVSC travel team players allowed to play other sports?
ANSWER: Yes, definitely. We do not expect young soccer players to only play one sport. The Fall season is the primary season for all PVSC travel teams Under 9 up through Under 15. During the Fall, all players are expected to make all games and practices, unless they have a religious conflict, school conflict or are sick. In the winter, we realize that players often like to play other sports. Players on teams playing winter soccer are expected to live up to the commitments and expectations as presented by the coach at the beginning of the season.

However, players are welcome to play other sports in the winter if desired. The exact commitment level for all teams in the spring is dependent on the expectations defined by the head coach for each team.

**Please feel free to email with travel in the subject line with any other questions**
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